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Danny Garcia runs through Adrian Granados

During this boxing match, it was like Adrian Granados could not find any rhythm against Danny Garcia, seeming as like Garcia’s human punching bag until the fight was stopped by the referee during round 7. I honestly cannot say that I was impressed with Garcia because it was Granados who he steam rolled through which Granados is currently ranked 25 as a Welterweight. Being that Garcia is ranked 5 as a Welterweight, it is expected of him to run through a fighter ranked 25 in the division. As for Granados, I personally believe that he should drop in weight because it is showing that the Welterweight division is a tough division for him. Since 2017, he has already lost to Welterweights Adrien Broner, Shawn Porter and now Danny Garcia who are ranked within the top 15 of the division.

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Written by Thomas Gouard

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