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Wacky Wednesday – New Zealand Woodpigeon

Last Friday, we both visited the Auckland Zoo. One of the places visited was a bird enclosure of New Zealand Forrest Birds, such as New Zealand Woodpigeons, New Zealand Saddleback, Kaka, Kakariki and Tui and a few others.

I walked uphill to the entrance the birds live in a very large tent made of steel wire and you enter in 2 doors. Well, I was about to enter the last door when I saw this particular Woodpigeon.

Knowing the usual case with birds, get too close and they take off. I particularly wanted to photograph the New Zealand Woodpigeon.

I asked it if I could come in and this guy gave me a funny look.

This is the record of New Zealand Woodpigeon expressions. I came in and the Woodpigeon did not move. It just gave me a look as if to say, “Who are you? and Why are you speaking to me?” It had a worried frown, quite a character. who says Birds are not wacky?


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Written by Pamela Moresby


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  1. I reckon your interpretations are not far off the mark!

    Woodpigeons – the less colourful European variety – are regular visitors to my garden, where they try to feed from the bird feeders designed for much smaller birds. They provide great amusement as they try to slide down the wires to which the feeders are attached, usually without success.


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