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Three "suns" appear on the sky over northeast China

Citizens of fuwei china, the northeastern province of Jilin, China, witnessed a unique view of nature on the last morning of December 31, as three suns appeared simultaneously in the sky. 

As can be seen in the video, people continue to be fascinated by the magnificent view of the small sun to the left of a large sun rising in the east. The three suns remained visible in the sky for more than 20 minutes after which this natural process began to disappear on its own and as the day went on, the sun began to appear as usual.

In the scientific language, the three suns coming out together are called sun dogs. Let me tell you what a Sun Dog is? Scientists says the reasons for this are transparent particles of ice in the air, when sunlight reflects on these particles, then this reflection is thought to be the sun.

It is as if two, three or five suns are visible, but in reality it is the result of reflection, the true sun is just one and this process of reflection is called sun dog.

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