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The thing about free flowing rivers…

This river is one of the only free flowing rivers in Southern California, the Santa Margarita River. 

A few days ago I posted about the 100 year flood we have just had a month ago. I have waited a bit for them to get the roads cleared to go explore what it looks like when a massive wall of water comes down. Here is that post.

I had some leftover photos I would like to share. Amazing, the pure strength of mother nature and water flowing. The bridge had no damage.

 I will start with the photo of the flood which I only put in the cover of the last set. 

#1 The flooded bridge.

The water was so high! I have never seen water get this high. 

#2 The same bridge.

You can see the debris in the trees on the left. 

#3 Debris in the tree tops.

I walked around with my mouth hung open in awe. I sure wouldn't of liked to be here when the rains came. 

#4 I’m alive!

This tree on the bank sure did catch a lot of debris. Can you see the dog,and my son's head in the photo? 

#5 The water level

Is back to normal now. The floods made a sandbar in the middle, and took away most of the beach on this side. I think I know where it went. See all that sand on the other side? This is right before the bridge. The water level was half way up that fence in the back. 

#7 Poison Oak

The poison oak is blooming along the bank. 

#8 I picked a flower

Poison Oak Flowers are very delicate and dainty looking. I am not allergic to this plant.

#10 The shadows

have taken over the valley. It's time to go. I will be back here throughout the summer for updates. Plus I really love this area and beach. 

Isn't mother nature amazing? 


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