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Some New Zealand Birds

Here is a collection of New Zealand Birds not often shown to people. Here is some of the ones that had their photos taken

Now some of these live on Tiritiri Matangi Island in Auckland’s Hauraki gulf and that is a bird sanctuary. I’ve been there quite a lot and it’s worth a visit if coming New Zealand if you are passing through the Auckland area.

There are birds I will mark as an endangered species. For two reasons, introduced species like cats, dogs, stoats, weasels, opposoms, rats, mice and ferrets and predator birds that are introduced. Plus people.

The ministry of Agriculture and fisheries have strict rules on what comes into New Zealand for good reasons. Once a species is extinct it doesn’t come back

#1 New Zealand Saddleback

This can never be anywhere but in a bird sanctuary. Its vulnerable with too many predators, the worst are rats and cats.

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#2 New Zealand Wood pigeon or Kereru

Largest pigeon in the world the Maoris ate them. They are now protected. They survive on the mainland with a little help.

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#3 Tui

An excellent songster, it defends it's young and each other in packs. A smart bird. Still needs watching. 

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#4 New Zealand Fantail or Piwakawaka

A curious bird that catches bugs in the air, they are wonderful birds and fly like helicopters. They have survived but need to be watched.

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#5 Kokako

This was a rare sighting even in Tiritiri. You mainly hear them not see them and they jump from tree top to tree top. Definetly endangered.

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#6 Takahe

This is an endangered bird. Would not survive in the mainland as it is.

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#7 Pukako

Tougher than the Takahe, survives. Still needs to be watched.

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