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Solar Eclipse on 8.21.17

There will be a solar eclipse on August 21, 2017. It will actually start in Oregon, at 8:46 am PT and end in South Carolina at 5:04 pm, ET. It is recommended to wear glasses when viewing this solar eclipse, which might be available at a library. It looks similar to 3D movie glasses. So, I wonder if I can use my 3D glasses. It might not even be clear in my area, anyway. Or, I just might wear my sunglasses the whole day to protect my eyes.

This solar eclipse doesn’t really mean anything to me, but the Zionist media seems to promote it over and over again, like some ritualistic and traditional day of spiritual enlightenment. So, I decided to do some research. Why is the solar eclipse so important to the Illuminati?

For one thing, they worship the sun and their Sun gods, such as Nimrod and Tammuz, whose birthdays are on December 25th, which is often celebrated as “Christmas” under the guise that it was Jesus’ birthday, which was actually on March 20th, 6 BC. Confused?

These Zionists also worshipped mythological gods and mysticism Kabbalah, which is all the same voodoo crap that no one else really pays attention to unless promoted in the media as the latest trend.  Although the sun and the moon are the same size, the Zionist media promotes the sun as being huge and a big deal, much bigger and brighter than the moon. Just browse through fashion magazines and check out what they will be promoting next for the solar eclipse celebration on August 21st, in which they see this Sun as their “Son” because this SUN is an “amazing burning ball of life-giving energy.”

As I do further research, I noticed that someone noted August 21st as a Pagan Holiday—Festival of Lites. Well, I am now aware that all the more obvious and celebrated holidays are pagan, but disguised with cute and fun characters to entertain little kids.

I couldn’t find any videos about the August 21st celebration. But I found some videos about the Summer Solstice Celebration 2017 on June 20th and 21st, 2017. So, it is probably similar.

Summer Solstice 2017 Part 2 video continues with a large group of people congregated by the Stonehenge, worshipping the Sun in June.

For more information about this Stonehenge and Druid Ceremonies, you can watch this video,

which takes places on June 20th and 21st. I wonder what they plan to do on August 21st during the solar eclipse?


What do you think?


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  1. The Stonehenge druids will not be doing anything special on 21st August, for the simple and obvious reason that the total eclipse will not be visible anywhere remotely close to Stonehenge! The last total eclipse visible in the UK was on 11th August 1999 (my 47th birthday!), and I travelled to Cornwall to see it – it was a cloudy day, unfortunately! The next one is decades away. Real solar eclipse watchers are happy to travel the globe whenever one happens, because real science can be done on such occasions and the area of visibility is always limited.

    By the way, do NOT look at the sun wearing ordinary sunglasses. You need special lenses that have been properly checked for cracks and which wrap around far enough to protect the eyes. They must also be dark enough, and not all sunglasses are.

    Also – the sun and moon are not the same size! They just appear to be so due to their relative distances from Earth!

      • You will certainly notice something. When the sun is covered it gets dark! Streetlights will come on and birds will start singing their dawn chorus when daylight returns. The full period of darkness – not inky darkness, but enough to notice – will only be ten minutes or so, but the whole process lasts the best part of an hour.

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