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Saturdays Critters – Some New Zealand Waterbirds

I took these photos yesterday by Onehunga beach. Onehunga Beach is a newly created beach made by the Auckland city council. It began with the extension of the North /south western motorway that had a tunnel to connect it from Owairaka to Pt Chevalier . Now the rock from inside the tunnel (which goes a long distance) used used to recreate Onehunga beach. New Zealand plants were planted and we now have a lovely beach.

The plants have bloomed in growth and we also have some magnificent bird life. These are some of them

#1 The New Zealand Kingfisher

The thumbnail is exactly the same bird different photo.

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#2 Kingfisher flight

#3 Pied Shag swimming

It dived immediately after the photo was taken

#4 Juvenile Seagull

#5 White faced Grey Heron

There were lots this day

#6 Pied Stilts

They have long pink legs 

#7 Pied Stilt flight

#8 Tern Flight

#9 Closer view of common tern flight

Sorry no close ups today

What do you think?

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    • Thanks Doc, what I can do is maybe put birds on as a subject and then people can contribute their own types of birds of the world. As there are some birds we don’t get in New Zealand.

      We don’t have any native animals in New Zealand other than birds or insects and marine life…Which is why you get birds from me…

    • Im not sure what a french beach is Witty Feeds. A lot of original landscape was changed because a highway or motorway or freeway was built over mud flats or marshland and the original beach in Onehunga is a lagoon that has a pipe from the Manukau harbour under the motorway.

      So what the area was, was actual mud flats and not very nice either…

      The new tunnel building provided the bedrock for the building of Onehunga beach as it is… There is a bridge that goes over the motorway from the lagoon to Onehunga beach and it has been made into park with New Zealand native plants and beach.

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