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Saturday's Critters – A mixture

Animals are said to destress people and increase your life by 5 years. I don’t know if anyone has ever increased their lives by adding a pet to their household, but I certainly notice they de stress you and you feel better for having the companionship of a pet.

I have a mixture here, and the the “Critters”, I have picked have the letters “CAT” in them. I may have added another creature.

The Thumbnail is a “Lesser Wanderer” Butterfly and across the rim in a Monarch Caterpillar.

#1 Close up of a Monarch caterpillar

I do my best to raise healthy Monarch caterpillars in the garden. Even if there are too many predators out there and I bring them inside in a bucket, I find watching these beautiful creatures restful.

They eat like grazing animals and are content 

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#3 Jewel the Cat

This cat sits on my porch and I named him "Jewel" because I don't know his owners, but he used to have a Jewel around it's neck which has long gone.

"Jewel" regularly sits on my back porch and is a friendly and affectionate cat.

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Written by Pamela Moresby


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    • I don’t live in Australia, it is a separate country to New Zealand. New Zealand is vastly different to Australia.
      Our Auckland Zoo has Meerkats who are living in it
      Thanks for your comments.

      I may point out some differences in a post.

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