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Saturday's Critters – Exhausted cat

For many of us Summer is the preferred season. Warm days, long walks, vacations. As well   for many cats. They love to walk outside and enjoy the sun. But what do they do on very hot days? On very hot days it is advisable not to allow the cat to leave the house. Outside it may not find a place with shade where it may cool down, they could  acquire a skin disease due to sunburn. This cat looks extremely exhausted because of the heat.

  • Do you know that cats with lighter fur, especially white ones, are prone to skin cancer?

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Written by Ileana Calotescu



  1. Any cat or dog is prone to skin cancer in New Zealand, and people are also prone here as well, it is wise to be careful of the sun.
    Yes, unfortunately skin cancer is a fact of life here, and we have a very high rate of skin cancer here.