Questioning Psycho-Therapy – Part One

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For so many years people have accepted the pronouncements of psycho-therapists,  whether medical doctors(psychiatrists)  or sociologists,  (psychologists) as gospel.

People have come to believe and accept whatever diagnosis is presented,  regardless of reality.

People discard what they ‘know’ as fact, or what they prove or disprove, in deference to the decree of the therapist. The therapist is far too often  endowed such power, as if they can see into the soul.

Despite facts, or the lack thereof, despite the dearth of knowledge about the patient, his/her background, and reality, the therapist will conclude and the patient is to genuflect.

For perhaps 100 years people have accepted without question.

And this has led not merely to false diagnosis,  but the disruption and destruction of people’s lives.

All because they listened to the words of the therapist.


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