Questioning Psycho-Therapy – 6

This is Lil. At the age of thirty eight, for the first time ever, she learned that her father had sexually abused her. She learned this from her therapist. For five years Lil believed what she had ‘learned’.

When her therapist went on vacation another took her place as the locum tenens. Lil spoke with her. This therapist told her that she saw no sexual abuse, she saw that Lil set impossibly high standards for men and that no man could really fulfill all her demands.

Hearing this contradiction of what she had been made to believe for five years, all of the memories that had been provoked by the first therapist through hypnosis and drugs, fell away.

Lil  contacted her parents. Her father had died. Her mother wouldn’t speak to her. No one from her past would, for they had tried to tell her that all these memories the therapist provoked were false. but Lil cut them off.

The only recourse was a law suit.

During the trial it became clear that the therapist never met Lil’s parents, knew nothing about her past. That never in her life had Lil ever betrayed any sign of sexual abuse. Her relationship with her parents had always been good. There was no evidence of abuse.

Yet, because there is a lot of abuse going around, anyone that has a problem must have been sexually abused.

The Court ruled in favour of Lil and the case created a tsunami of similar cases. For hundreds of people had been brought to believe they had been raped as a child, and had not been. The American, British and Canadian Psychiatric societies issues a warning, using the term;  “Sudden Adult Memories of Childhood Abuse.”

Every word of the warning needs to be examined to explain how one differentiates between what may be a suppressed memory and what is a fantasy born in a therapists office.


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