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Magic Moments, Images And Scents, Are Everywhere and Nowhere…

Childhood, moments, images and scents, things we wish we could forget — there are all kinds of memories. We know our brains conjure them up and so we have assumed that the memories themselves are stored inside the brain.

However, this view may be,  a mistake, suggests a  British biochemist, Dr. Rupert Sheldrake. Many scientists believe that memories imprinted on the brain are held there by electrical activity in the synapses the bridges between the brain’s nerve cells. According to this theory, memories should be stored in particular places in the brain.

But if this theory is true, it ought to be possible to locate precisely where particular memories are registered. Yet many studies have indicated that all memory remains intact unless very large portions of the brain have been damaged. Memory, as one baffled scientist has put it, seems to be, ëverywhere and nowhere in particular.  


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