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Pigeon Shots

I took these photos of some pigeons while going on a walk. Sometimes people throw them bread around our neighbour hood. 

One stood out as unusual, probably a mixture of white dove and pigeon.

Also the way these birds sat on the power lines in a corner.


What do you think?

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Written by Pamela Moresby


  1. The pigeons are easily distributed between the same species and among the different. These pigeons know well for the better selection. In our Serbia, the most famous is the Serbian skier who can spend up to 14 hours in the air and go down to his roof. Judges estimate the length in the air and successfully descending

  2. Nice observation and nice photos capturing all the actions!!

    Just wondering how long have you been there observing them? :p

    • I suppose I take pictures and observe rapidly. I cant tell you the time, because you would need to add up the walks and places I go to. Thanks Alibb, Im a point and shoot photographer like Brian Brake.