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A few Birds at Weymouth Beach

I often come to photograph these Royal Spoonbills, but there is a lot of other bird life. Here are some pictures of various birds, including Royal Spoonbills.

For some reason this time as I write the Royal Spoonbills are not here, but they will soon return.

They don’t like the sound of motor bikes according to a local resident.

#1 Royal Spoon bill

It's seeking food, it uses it's Spoonbill like a person uses a Vacuum cleaner. Amazing bird. 

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#2 A Grey White Faced Heron flying in view

Love these graceful fliers.

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#3 A Black Backed Gull

I often wonder that these birds just enjoy flying for it's own sake. 

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#4 Royal Spoonbill Flight

The shape of this flier is beautiful

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#5 Mallard Duck

On looking at the beach I was approached by 2 ducks for their observation. I think both were beautiful

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#6 White Faced Grey Heron Flight

These birds live in pairs and each has their own place on the beach. 

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What do you think?

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