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Panmure Basin part 2 _ Mangroves and Bridge

This is Panmure Basin with the tide out with photos taken from a different area.

Bridge in the distance

Taken with my cell phone, iPhone.

This bridge goes out to Tamaki Estuary.

You will see the grey silt most call mud. This mud is full of life, a lot of crabs and small creatures.

Closer view of Panmure basin bridge

This is where the tide comes in. In the distance there are quite a few marinas. There is more than just one bridge out there.

The walkway around Panmure basin goes over this bridge.

Panmure Basin Mangroves

In this picture although its too small to see is a New Zealand Kingfisher bird. It eats small bugs and probably small fish and crabs.

The Mangroves are not much to see but when you know the way it survives its an amazing plant.

The main root and branch and stem has in inside that is far more saltier than the sea around it, that way the way goes inside the plant to feed it. It breathes through aerial roots. Life grows around the Mangroves and countless live stock lives inside it. 

This is the world of many small marine animals. 


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Written by Pamela Moresby


    • New Zealand landscape is beautiful everywhere you go, and it was not until I went overseas that I truly began to appreciate what we have here. Thanks for your kind comments Vidocka

    • This is sea water, salty. the inside of the mangrove is saltier than the sea water which is a clever design of this plant, as it attracts nutrients from the water, as the water is drawn to the stronger salt content.