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Panmure Basin

Panmure Basin is near Mt Wellington East Auckland Central . Mt Wellington is a dormant volcano and I also believe that Panmure Basin is also a volcano that blew up a very long time ago.

The tide was in, which is fortunate because when the tide is out, it looks like a sink with the plug out.

It still looks good and many like to walk around the Panmure Basin. I like walking but a word of warning. Never go walking alone in a place that is far away from the street anywhere in Auckland. Most of the time nothing happens but sometimes things to come to grief, there is danger of people who are not good people.

East Auckland is partly an industrial area. 

All the photos have been taken by my cell phone my iPhone.

Oak Trees

A nice outlook from one part of the Panmure Basin

Panmure Basin view

There is a walkway that goes all around the Panmure Basin

Another view of Panmure Basin from the same spot

No sand here just silt, which is soft grey mud. Probably in a less populated environment flounder could be here. Flounder is flat fish, dinner on the table for some. 

Looking across the Panmure Basin at Mt Wellington

Yes, this day was cloudy. 

Lineman at the same spot

I think this man is very brave

He wouldn't be a lineman if he didn't keep his mind on the job, for the electrical company he works for. There was another lineman watching from the ground.

View of the Panmure Basin from the same spot

All these photos were taken by my iPhone. 


People will walk their dogs as well, no one walked without another person with them.

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  1. Some people are dangerous, people get murdered in Auckland for no good reason except that they are alone in a lonely area. Not long ago a man held a knife to a woman throat in a shopping mall. New Zealand is beautiful but by no means safe. Best to walk where other people are.

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