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Our precious Earth – because it matters!

On the current news many young people are rising up to protest and speak up about “Climate Change!”

We live on planet Earth and there is no planet B. This is where we are going to live and here we need to make the best of our situation.

For years companies have been concerned about profit, money and insurance. I once saw a cartoon, some big rich man in middle age puffing his chest out in front of a stinking rubbish heap putting an arm on his young son, “Some day Son this will all be yours!”

Isn’t it time to make these large companies accountable for the generations to come, because we have to live here.?

So what can any person do?

I believe every person is accountable to do what they can to nurture and care for the earth…I believe you and I can make a very real difference.

Our existing cars can be converted into electric cars I believe for the price of $6,000.00. Most laws in countries would prohibit people from doing that for politically correct rules but it can be done.

However, then you need to be able to generate enough electricity in a country to power cars and so we need to create natural energy. Where from? Wind, Solar, geothermal, and hydroelectric power.

I think petrol stations and people in the car industry could move forward to make that happen…they should do that right now.

While they are at it, aviation companies research and move to make planes safe to fly electric….

What can any person do to help our earth.

Grow plants, trees, fruit trees, gardens with flowers, herbs, natives, and vegetables….Design it and have fun doing it.

In an apartment grow small potted plants, maybe they should redesign apartments with gardens attached

Gardens are great, put a seed into the ground and watch it grow.

What can you do, plant seeds….you will be surprised…at what can grow. Off course recycling and not buying plastic bags…

Climate Change, if it is found to be wrong? 

Well, we can all be wrong, but then what is wrong about cleaning up the mess mankind has made?

After all we are supposed to be Earth’s caretakers, and some people have just taken from the earth without giving back.

I don’t know about you, but I love nature do you? I love the beautiful places of New Zealand and that is a good reason to share them with you.

A good reason to do what we can. Water is precious and above all on the earth we need to preserve water, for people need to drink good clean water.

I think that we can all do little things to help our earth, but only what we are able to do. 


What do you think?

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Written by Pamela Moresby

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  1. I agree. It’s not just down to the government or large companies to make change. It’s down to each and every one of us to do our bits too. This beautiful planet we’re living on is slowly getting destroyed. It’s so sad.

  2. We should consider the explosion of population. More people the less land that will remain. However, at individual level we can do things that will ensure sustainance of life e.g. how we use water. The level of fresh water is decreasing day by day.

  3. I agree Pam almost. The reality is yes, some companies have been horrible around the climate but just as many individuals have been horrible. The impact of companies in many cases has been bad.

    But the reality is the issue of too many people, requiring too many farm goods, products, houses and roads is the biggest impact on the environment.

    It is easy to blame faceless companies. But many of them work very hard to have a o carbon footprint.

    I know so many people (there are 300 houses in our neighborhood, 12 of us have solar) that don’t do the least they can do to reduce their impact.

    • You are right Doc, some fertilisers used in agriculture are not necessary especially made out of super phosphate.
      Animal products such as cow dung and horse manure, and sheep pellets are very effective fertilisers for any plant production.

      Yes, some people need to recycle but it is sometimes hard to do that. It can be done but it takes work
      I took my 1st computer to a place called “The Ark” which was supposed to recycle computers. I think they got too many used computers.

      Good on you for having solar power, I live in a rental but I think that solar is great.

  4. You are 100% correct, and it by no means too late to obviate the worst consequences of climate change. Even if these are delayed by 100 years rather than cancelled out altogether, surely that is something to strive for?

  5. My dear I think we remembered at least 30 years too late what kind of damage we are doing … I don’t think there is any more help to our planet, though they say it is never too late … at least 30 years too late


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