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You never know what you will find…

You never know what you will find…
…in the back country in San Diego County, California.

Like the face painted on this old sign. Does anyone recognize this from the movie, “Castaway”? The face is, “Wilson”. A face, actor Tom Hanks drew on a Wilson Volley Ball. The ball and his ball friends kept Tom company on a deserted island. Someone had a sense of humor…

A bit further down the trail, we saw these old ruins. A building or wall of some sort. I loved the rock work in this. Natural building is the way to go. It stands up to the hand of time, way better than our wood framing of today.

Look a little bit closer at the rock work. You could tell they mixed the mortar on site. The rocks collected on site as well.

We even found a Labyrinth of stacked rocks. This is my oldest son and his friend, with King the pitbull.

King the dog was nice enough to pose in the middle.

This is my youngest son, sitting on a part of an old bridge pier. We couldn’t tell the span of the bridge since this was the only one.

This was an old metal drum that someone had used for target practice. I took the picture because the light shining through the holes looked really cool.

Hope you enjoy my little hikes around my neck of the woods.


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