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How Many Bluebird Eggs?

I never know how many eggs the female Bluebird will lay in my backyard house. The last family was five just a few weeks ago. This time it was four. She lays one egg per day. I take pics every day since I don’t know how many she will lay. The Bluebirds are very tolerant of me peeking inside and taking a few pics. But starting tomorrow I will have to be careful. They will be hatching soon and the Mom and Dad get very protective, as they should. They will start dive bombing my head! I am always quick and careful when I take the pictures. Enjoy these bluebirds so very much every year. My son’s presence is all around.

*Even though my copyright symbol is not on all of these photos, they do belong to me.


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Written by Carol DM


  1. They are wonderful, Carol… You are most fortunate, like Pamela, I don’t think we have these bluebirds here. Love the pale blue eggs!