I give up. What do you want to see posted on this site? I use all original photos. Always. In fact this is an edited photo of bluebird eggs in my backyard.

My points are dropping. I see 90% quizzes, lists, etc. with hundreds of views. If this is what the site has become I need to know. I am about nature photography. Original photography. Maybe this is not the place for me.


What do you think?

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Written by Carol DM


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  1. Let this site (or any other) be about things you love and are passionate about. I post a lot of quizzes but I have barely made $3 so far. I don’t think we can earn substantial amounts here but sharing content and being with friends can be very therapeutic at the end of a stressful day.

  2. I am also behind your point of view. I support you. In the end, I do not go often. My computer is wrong. I thought there would be new and beautiful pictures. And it turned out that 80% were quizzes.

  3. Hi Carol. We love your original content. This is exactly the place for you. I have some tips for you. I am new here as well, but I think I have figured out a few things. I went and looked again at your posts. Try writing Articles. I usually try to post 10 photos and say a little about each one. If you can’t think of what to say, put a poem you like as your text, or information about each flower, etc. I try not to go over 10 posts to make the article just one page. Catchy titles. You have everything else down great. You are friendly, you speak from the heart, your photos are wonderful, you engage in other’s posts. I hope this helps. Stick around, we care!

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