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Dizzy fish.

My final attempt at getting a post approved here.

NOT any too close, yet still not too far.

Only froze at the poles, we’re near enough to our star.

Askew just a few so, four seasons there are

with a cute circular screw at one thousand miles an hour.

Oh yes, we spin, but, that’s just to begin,

then try figuring in our orbiting condition.

I found it astounding, we’ve been bounding since origin

at sixty-seven thousand…and got goose bumps and a grin.

Whirling and twirling. Who’s driving? Who knows.

Circling and swirling where our orbiting goes.

At the part where we start or where the finish flag blows

we at heart of our stars chart and all in it that glows.


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Written by Beada Beada

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    • Oh for the love of lunch! Hello Kiddeaux, I thank you so. Your name, I know from a swim long ago. Still not to savvy but I’ll give it a go, they almost wouldn’t have me but, my third swim, they let flow…>-=^;>

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