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Dam Avocado Trees

I am not cussing the trees! 

We took a wrong turn trying to make it to the creek below a dam and ended up in an abandoned Avocado Orchard. 

We loaded up on avocados and the dogs chased rabbits, and got to taste tree ripened avocados. Luna and Penny loved them, but Meika did not care for them. She did carry one around most of the day though. 

#1 These trees are huge.

#2 The shadows

Are so dark under them. Great place to sit and relax. 

#3 Luna

Luna plopped down in the deep leaves. 

#4 Rolling

I think she likes it here. She started rolling around in the leaves. 

#5 Meika

Had plopped down into something else.. 🙁

#6 My girl

Found a deep mud puddle. All brown except for her back..

#7 The dam

This is as close as we could get to the dam. There is no way down from this area. The dogs did find a way down and went swimming. 

#8 The clouds

Made some really pretty reflections. 

#9 Below the dam.

This was the area we were trying to get to. 

#10 The top

of the little hill we walked up. You can see the ocean if you look closely. 

A fire had gone through the avocado orchard a few years back, the ones on the perimeter of the orchard got burned this was two of them. 

I did take a few more pictures I will share later. I hope you enjoyed our little break under the trees. 

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