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Come walk with us… The Pack!

This is the Santa Margarita River in San Diego County, Fallbrook, California.

This is one of the last free flowing rivers in Southern California!

There are 14 miles of trails that loop and crisscross over the river. Its like being in the time of the lost, years ago when great pterodactyl flew the skies over head.

The recent Gavilan Fire of 2002 burned parts of the 1400-acre river-trail property, but this place was untouched.

Even on a hot day this area is really cool! (pun intended).

We found a really nice sandy beach area.

The sand was really deep, even in the river here. It made you want to run and play in it!

Penny pictured above is my mom’s Chihuahua/Brussels Griffon Mix. She doesn’t like to get wet.

“I only get my feet wet!” The fur is always dry!

I have been her groomer since she was a tiny puppy. She doesn’t get her fur shaved. It is a wired coat, and only needs hand plucking, with only her face and feet trimmed. She weighs 5 pounds.

Notice the rock bluff behind her? Below is the top of it. It is around 50 feet high.

More of the water… It is so gorgeous, and crystal clear. The tan color you see, is sand, pyrite and gold.

and of course a wolf dog added for more of that wild feeling.

Meika is so photogenic, and one of my favorite subjects. She is also the love of my life.

The problem is, is getting her to look at the camera. She believes it steals her soul.. hahaha

Ole Maggie Mae, is enjoying her day! She is the oldest pack member, and the love of my life as well.

She knows it’s pointless to try and get away from the camera.

A little closer look at the water, and a random feather, caught in the shallows.

All and all it was a wonderful day! Hope you are enjoying yours!


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  1. I’m glad that the walk went well for you and your loved ones. Both are great. Only the little girl has a very cool haircut. And your boyfriend is a very photogenic. She’s used to taking pictures.

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