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Busy Bees

Fascinating fact: did you know that to make a jar of honey, bees have to fly the equivalent distance (to us) of 1.5 times round the world? Amazing, eh?  Bees are certainly very busy little insects. They are actually making honey to store as their winter food, when they are unable to gather nectar from flowers. They are vital to the survival of certain plants by cross-pollinating them, i.e. carrying their pollen between flowers.

Without the activity of bees, we would not have apples, mangoes, cherries, melons, almonds and a lot of other fruits and nuts. Bees are so essential to human agriculture, but their numbers are declining, so we should protect them as much as we can. Here are some simple ways we can help bees:

  1. Plant local wild flowers in your garden or a window-box, to encourage bees to visit;
  2. Leave some fresh water out for them, in a bowl or birdbath;
  3. Don’t use pesticides on your garden plants, if you can avoid it, as these can harm bees.


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Written by Maggie Bailey

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  1. Excellent Blog. Plus without bees, we don’t have plant life period! They pollinate the female flower of plants, where we get vegetables and flowers from. Plus they also pollinate the female flowers on trees that our fruits grow on, Never kill bees. Help in keeping the species growing instead. Amen to the bee keepers.

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