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Boulder Park California

My closest neighbor on my desert property in San Diego County California is a Historical Monument and has a very long history as my property does. 

We took a ride out to visit this place before headin’ on down the hill to Mountain Springs and the Old Stage Coach Station where my property lays. 

I will show a bit of both places, since Boulder park won the Historical Marker.  I still think both places should of been admitted. My grandfather used to own the stage coach station and springs. Both Boulder Park and my granddad filed at the same time for the marker. Since you cannot have two markers this close to each other, Boulder Park and the Desert Tower won.  With good reason, this place is awesome. 

This is the parking lot. 

You actually feel like you’ve stepped back in time. 

This place has really awesome wind caves and a desert tower made of these rocks. 

This area has been a way station for travelers heading East to West since the 1880’s. During WWII the hurricane deck of the tower was used as a lookout to make sure Nazis didn’t enter the states via Mexico. The border is just a few miles away. 

You can actually see my property from this tower. This place is an elevation of 3000 feet, my property is at 2800 feet. Almost straight down. 

Another view of the tower. 

The tower was built by Bert Vaughn, who owned the town of Jacumba,  between 1922-28. It is 70 feet high. It was dedicated in memory of the areas pre-highway and freeway days.

 The journey from Yuma Arizona, to San Diego used to take a month to travel across the desert.  

The desert is way down there..

The old road.. The distance between the desert floor which is under sea level and the tower is 10 miles.. Straight up the mountain. 

The way station at Mountain Springs was owned by my grandfather for many years. He worked for San Diego County as a Mineralogist surveying minerals and rocks of the county. 

What a job that must of been. During his free time he owned this way station that used to be a stopping place for stage coaches. It had a kitchen, public bathrooms, good food, and much needed water. Him and my grandmother used to sell rocks and minerals here. 

I remember as a young child coming and climbing on these rocks found here.

The water comes from this spring tucked into the side of the hill. It might be hard to see, but look for the batch of palm trees. The whole desert blooms yellow in the spring too. It’s so pretty. 

More shots of the wild flowers…

Meika and the old truck.

Look closely at the next one. Can you find Meika?

More of the desert stuff.. see the back set of mountains? If the front set of mountains weren’t covering it, you could see the desert tower from above. He keeps a look out on the property when I am not there. 

Ah the shadow selfie.. and my home away from home, along with a friends car. 

This road I am standing on was or is old Highway 80 that has been decommissioned in places, like here. 

I will leave you with this one..The backside of my RV. lol

I hope you liked this little journey into the Jacumba and Anza Borrego area of San Diego. 

Have a great day. 


What do you think?


Written by Kim_Johnson

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    • Thank you Pam, I really love it out there. My grandfather sold most of the land, now only 5 acres exist that I own. The spring, and stage coach stop is not on my property any longer. There is a well about 5 miles away, we haul water.

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