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Along the Path

Walking along the path. I searched for something new. Nature’s simple tokens which sing their song to you. I bent down low to see them and learn their secrets too. I held my breath in silence to hear their song so true. 

I closed my eyes with longing a vision pure and clear. I brought those visions home in hopes they’d bring you cheer. With smiling eyes you saw them and held those pictures dear. Nature’s simple creatures which live life without fear. 

Now, my walk is over. I’ve left it in the past. The images in my mind still have a spell to cast. Life flies by before me. The clock is ticking fast. These memories I’ll cherish. I know they’re built to last.

*While the poem hasn’t changed, this post had lost most of it images. Based on the “featured image”, all these pictures were in the same directory. I guess this is my 2020 update.


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Written by Chris B.

Energy Dependence Day - Two countries, different in almost every way, yet bound by the common thread of oil. #author #book #ebooks #thriller


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