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You Know the Look!

The look that implies that there is no reason for you to be where you and say what you are saying. I am certain that, well almost certain that everyone has experienced at one time or another. Today opened up Virily and with in seconds I am certain my look was just like the cat. Isn’t there any place that is just safe, kind and appreciative? If that place exists, I want to be there.

It’s been another rough day. The hospital called and none of the news was good. I came here for a distraction and thought I might simply relax and read. No luck in that department. It’s way to early to just give up and go to bed.

So if you have anything kind, cheerful, hopeful, happy and interesting to share with me that would be appreciated. Quite frankly, I could use a little cheering up and kindness today. Wipe that look right off my face with some extra kindness please.

Maybe a little relaxing music.


What do you think?

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  1. Oh no!!! Who upset you here? I suppose every site has those kind of people. Just keep away from them.

    “What did the leaning tower of Pisa say to the Big Ben? If you have the time I have the inclination”

    Now smile 🙂

  2. It is amazing that people have to use …… because they have a tough time coming up with enough words. I am grateful for a full vocabulary. Oh perhaps I would post a word of the day. What do you think?

    • Yes, I truly believe that people who are not educated, or don’t have enough skills, have to use excessive marks so they can get what truly matters to them, or maybe they just want attention. Most 3rd graders could come up with a thoughtful, appropriate, comment that would meet the minimum requirements.

      So it would be safe to conclude people who are unable to do so must be ignorant, (meaning they need to be educated) or rude and simply what to create chaos to make money.

      If you are diagnosing anyone as insane, please provide your credentials. I would be surprised if you have the medical background to do so.

      Again I would remind everyone to consider the source. There is a time when taking a stand is what is needed. If I have to stand alone, so be it.

  3. Wow, ok that cat scares me. First, that is the look my wife gave me when I said I was going to print and save your other post today – Hey Doc!

    It is also the look she gave me yesterday when we went t buy suits for the wedding (me and the groom-to-be).

    I wanted to get a James Bond tux for the wedding.
    My daughter and wife both said no.

    That didn’t feel fair so I asked the guy to bring out a James Bond Tux for the future groom and I. My wife and daughter arrived (we got there first) and just said No.

    oh yeah, they both gave me that scary cat look!

    now it is on Virily as well.

  4. Let’s see if I can at least get you to chuckle. That look on that cat’s face. Well, imagine seeing that same look on four kittens who were interrupted by me in the midst of destroying an entire room.

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