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This Tiny House Makes No Sense

I understand some tiny houses. I would never want one, and still I understand it. This one makes no sense, perhaps because of the setting. If it “runs” completely on solar why would you place it in a forest of very tall trees? Would it hold up in the winter? I assume there must be some kind of curtains, but I can’t get past the picture!

This particular house was designed and made in Nevada. They are made from a large 3D printer prints the pieces of new prefab tiny homes. (I think Doc will have to explain this to me at some point. because I don’t get it.)

It sounds like an interesting idea and I am not ready to live in a glass house like this, not literally glass.


What do you think?

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Written by Ghostwriter

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  1. “Circumstances alter cases” Even the little glass house you featured here would be a luxury to where I now have to pass my days. I lived in a literal mansion, for many years, it was built in 1895 I was employed as a kind of estate-custodian, which suited my writing hobby. Then the last heir died suddenly and the property was put on auction. The smallest bedroom in the old mansion is twice larger than the entire rental my wife and I live in now! Talk about downsizing!!!

  2. I love tiny houses! 😍 If you live in a larger family, you might need more tiny houses, but it’s great for privacy. Unless they are made in glass. Ugh. 😅
    My dream house is something like that, powered by solar panels and in the forest, but then I get your same concern… How do the panels work with all that shade?
    They don’t. Well, at least they aren’t fully performing.
    It would be more logical to place them next to a creek, or a river, and use hydro-power.

      • I know, that’s a serious problem. I moved at the beginning of this year and experienced that lack of space where to put my belongings. 😄
        I really need to plan a smart strategy to fit everything in, but I believe it’s possible.
        When it comes to heating, I think a tiny house would be convenient: good insulation and a little amount of room should make warming up easier, and cheaper.
        That pillar in the middle could be a nice chimney in winter!

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