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The Virily Guessing Game Continues – GDPR Compliance

We have all been wondering about the changes to this site lately, but today I got this email that I wanted to share with those who didn’t get it, and also to open it up as a discussion forum

As you are aware, the European General Data Protection Regulation(“GDPR”) will come into effect in a few days on May 25, 2018. GDPR applies to European organizations and in certain circumstances may apply to non-European organizations.  We at Virily are committed to transparency and secure processing of our users’ personal data and have invested efforts for many months in becoming compliant with GDPR and implementing the required changes within the organization. We have updated our Privacy & Cookies Policy to reflect and apply the requirements of GDPR.

So they are certainly aware of and are attempting to be in compliance with the GDPR. They’ve also gone through the trouble of bringing their changes to our attention- a move which I couldn’t applaud more

We might deduce from this email that the new reply policy is influenced by sections 9 & 10, but neither mentions a requirement for individual reply consent, or why this couldn’t be handled once at login or even simply covered by an updated EULA

However, it is clear that Virily intends to be in full compliance with the GDPR and thus may still be in the process of updating their site and practices. Therefore these tasks are taking precedence over other bug fixes like the tracking bug


What do you think?

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