Ride to Soldier Field Stadium

I felt great today; the weather was perfect and in the fifties to be exact, so best believe I had to get out on my bike. I have the tendency to always blow off putting air in my tire which I took notice of into this ride.  Funny, but I can just picture myself now riding on the CTA train with my bike because I failed to air up my tire beforehand. I am truly hardheaded! It is that anticipation to ride after seemingly waiting forever for warmer temperatures.

My first stop was Millennium Park which was filled with many tourists enjoying our city and beautiful weather.

Second stop, DuSable Harbor where many tourist flood the Lakefront Path; and sounds of birds from a far squealing.

My last stop during this workout was Soldier Field, which is the home of our beloved Chicago Bears; next door to the Field Museum. I had the urge to share many pictures of Soldier Field because rarely do I get and up and close shot of the stadium despite the many of times I have cycled to it.

Field Museum 

I borderline almost went to the aquarium but made Soldier Field my turn around point during this work out.  I believe my last time making the aquarium my turn around point was during a training run for Chicago Marathon years back, but in the future I would love to share a picture of it with you all.

I hope you all enjoyed this post and I hope to get a few other outdoor workouts in this week because our temperatures will be a little more tolerable as like today.

  1. Bike helmet by Bell
  2. Shirt by Puma
  3. Tights by Nike
  4. Bike shoes by Shimano

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