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The Lockdown Drama

This lockdown meant for good to minimize the spread of the novel coronavirus is turning out to be a curse instead of blessing.

Apart from the economic decline which is understandable, other incidences have risen which further complicates the matter.

  1. Some people who have been quarantined are escaping from the quarantine location thus spreading the disease. Mostly it arises from fear.
  2. Police are taking the lockdown to extreme. People are beaten mercilessly and there have been people who have died under the hands of the brutal police. 
  3. In Punjab, India a police officer lost a hand when a group of Indians engaged the police in a fight. They were arrested after about three hours of standoff and negotiation.


What do you think?

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Written by Benny

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  1. Whoa, the police seems to take it on a personal level, so sad. Even if I act cynical I realize that hurting people is no good when hospitals are already overcrowded due to the pandemic. It’s just that panic affects everyone, even law enforcement, unfortunately.

  2. This virus brings out the worst in people. People are really getting out of hand and the police do not have to act that way. They have to try and understand that people are frightened and scared.

  3. The last time our country went through something comparable was during the Spanish Influenza we were forced to lock down then too but that was in 1918, with half of the population we have now. No telling how this will effect everyone financially until the stay at home orders are lifted, and the virus can no longer be spread.
    Fear, it is spreading right along with the virus for sure.

  4. Fear.
    other than work it is the most powerful four-letter word.

    What drives the fear? In the case of a pandemic, of violating a complete lockdown it is the lack of full information that makes people fear.

    Fear cannot be reasoned with.

  5. I didn’t find out about such actions here. I forgot in my previous post to say that there is no racism against immigrants in Spain. Of course, the law, with its weight, applies to criminals.


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