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Own And Share The Love ~ 365 Photos Challenge #93

The flame of this candle I dedicate as a symbol and a medium to share the love with you all. May you enjoy the warmth and peace of its energies.

Love is all. Not just a feeling for someone or something. For me, love is everything. Love as the ultimate cause, the ultimate source, the consciousness, the great energy, and else which are all very Supreme and Noble, down to something just plain of feelings even to the lowest just as the sea of desire. Love encompasses everything; skin and its contents. Even Love is my religion.

I believe that you have love, therefore, you can give love to others, because we can not give something we do not have.

If I want to give love to others then I must have it first.

If we want to have a love as self-quality, as energy, as a source of strength, as a source of inspiration, and especially as a source of divine abundance for us and from us to give for many people, we must connect with the Supreme Love itself, in any way.

Have you ever thought of giving love, sending love to those we love but being far away? Maybe we miss it so much or do we hate it but we expect it to change? Or to those to whom we feel guilty?

As I write this, I have posted a simple way to send your power of love to anyone, for any reasons. If you intend, willing, and willing to send love to anyone, you can read it here.


What do you think?

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  1. If there is something we would never get tired of, then it is love. It is everywhere, accepting all kinds and forms. It raises us up in the clouds, and at the same time it can take us to the ground with a bang and a crash. Love is the feeling that fills us and moves our inner world.
    “To be loved by someone gives you strength, loving someone hard gives you courage!” – Lao Tzu


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