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Let’s Sends Love

I am sure that there are so many people who are in desperate need of love. Those who are sick, living in misery, grieving people, who are discarded, alienated, broken hearts and others, even those who pretend to be happy behind their smiles, riches, powers, and popularity. Maybe even ourselves? Or are they very close to us? And who knows, also those who hate us?

Have you ever thought of giving love, sending love to those we love but being far away? Maybe we miss it so much or do we hate it but we expect it to change?

If you intend, willing and want to send love to anyone, tonight, I invite you to do this simple thing.

Light a candle

put off the lights around you

sit back and relax

enjoy your breathing

just enjoy the incoming and outgoing breaths

look at the flame for a few moments

feel the warmth

notice how the little flames dance

make sure you are able to remember the flame

then close your eyes

can you see it clearly?

To make it sure and clear, look at the candle again.

Make sure you remember the flame!

while staring at the flame

awake all your love

your affection

the love of those closest to you

enjoy the comfort of their affection

the person who loves us sincerely

our longing

our desire to be grateful

to be grateful

then unite all that love feeling

become a very strong feeling

then combine with the flame of the candle

and close your eyes again.

Now in closed eyes

look at the flame

feel the energy of affection


Look the flame at the top of your head

on your forehead

look it at your heart

keep looking it

keep feeling it


one by one flaming all over your body

see your whole body filled with the flame

that affection

feel that you are a bright flame and love

feel your beauty, happiness, and peace

feel yourself as an abundance of love.

Now, let’s share this love

share with those you love so much

whoever they are

see him or her clearly

place the flame on their chest

in their heads

all over their bodies

as before you put the whole flameout

all over your body

feel that your love fills them.

Let’s continue

send it to someone else, anyone

that you love

that you miss

that you want to see more loves you

your friend

who hurt you

your enemy

all the people in your country

all mankind

all beings

earth and space

the saints

the prophets

the angels

anyone else.

Send your love

on everything

always, forever.

Do it, repeatedly

then you’ll feel the miracle.

You are light, love, and peace.


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