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Pretty Things in the Garden ~ Part 2

Since the first part of the series seemed to do well, I figured I would go ahead and post 10 more flower photographs.  

Most were taken at the local greenhouse where you can buy flowers and plants (and even decor for the garden).

As always, I’d love to know what you all think of the photographs and if you all are still enjoying this series. 

#1 Lovely Pink Flowers

I don't know the name of these flowers either, but the flowers are very pretty.  What do you think of them?

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#2 More Pansies

Here are more pansy flowers.  I think I like the red ones here....if you can see them.

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#3 Pretty Yellow Flower

Not sure what this flower is, but I liked how the shot turned out.  The yellow flower against the green leaves and blue sky just looked so lovely (in my opinion).

6 points

#4 Pink and White Flowers

These flowers are not one of my favorites, but they are nice looking.  I don't know their name, but I think I should.

6 points

#5 Purple and Orange Pansy

Here is one flower I do know the name of!  These flowers are so small and pretty.  I love the different colors they come in too.  

Which is your favorite color of these? 

6 points

#6 Yellow Columbines

I'm pretty sure these are columbine flowers.  They are very pretty flowers as well.  Do you have a color you prefer these in? 

6 points

#7 Sideways Flower

I have seen these before, but I forget their name.  I do realize the photo is sideways, but I think it makes for a fun you agree?

6 points

#8 Purple, White & Blue

Not sure what they are, but they are all in pretty colors.  They could be pansies looking at their markings.  

6 points

#9 Red Columbines

Here are some more of the columbine flowers, but in red.  

I'd love to know which flowers from the list are your favorite (or even in general).  

Thank you for checking out all the flowers & hope you have a great weekend!

6 points

#10 Pretty Pink Flower

I am forgetting the name of these flowers at the moment....are they cosmos?  If not, I'd love to know their real name. 

5 points
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