365 Photos Challenge (Day 180) – Pretty Flower & Green Leaves

Would you like to join the challenge? Feel free to! Here are the rules to the challenge posted by @artbytes26

For today’s photo I wanted to this flower that I took a photo of at my great-grandmother’s yesterday.  

I am not sure what this flower is called (I knew once, but I forget).  I just loved how it was kind of hiding in all the green leaves.  Also, behind this flower and the leaves, you can see some roses peaking through. 

I’d love to know what you all think of this photograph.  This is one thing I enjoy about summer….being able to capture all the flowers in photographs.  Do you all enjoy that? 

Hope you all have a great day & week!  


What do you think?


  1. Clematis Mom, I love it. It’s that time of year for these already?? Time is flying by this summer. I used to have a dark purple one on our outhouse. lol Not a real outhouse, with no plumbing. We called the outside restroom the outhouse at the resort in Arkansas.