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Pretty things in the Garden (Photography) – Part 1

While waiting to get all my 4th of July photos on my computer, I thought I’d share some flower photographs that I took over the years. 

These photographs were taken at the greenhouse where you can buy all these lovely flowers.  

These were all taken with my Nikon DSLR camera.  If I remember correctly, it’s 16 megapixels.   

I’d love to know what you think of these photographs, and if I should upload more of them…this is just 10 of the MANY that I have!

Hope you are all having a great July so far!  

#1 Lovely Bloom

Not sure what this flower is called either, but it's very pretty!  Once again, if you know, I'd love to know too!

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#2 More pretty flowers!

As you probably already knew, I am  not sure of these flowers name. I need to write them down in the future. 

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#3 Orange Flower – Calla Lily?

I think this is a Calla lily too, but not 100% sure. 

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#4 The Pink Calla Lily

Another photo of a pink calla lily.  What do you all think of this shot of the flower?

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#5 Attracts butterflies

These orange flowers attract butterflies.  I don't know their name, but I am sure some of you do!

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#6 Pink & White

I love the shape of this flower, it's very unique!  

I'd love to know which flower from this list is your favorite (or if it's not on this list, which one is)!  

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#7 Pretty in Purple

I don't have any idea what these flowers are called, but they are so pretty!  I love how unique they look (at least to me).  

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#8 Lovely in Pink

These flowers look familiar, but I can't think of their name.  If you know, I'd love to be reminded!

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#9 Pink Calla Lilies

With some other pink flowers in the background.  

What do you all think of these flowers?  Also, which color do you prefer them in?

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#10 Yellow Flowers

Yellow is not my favorite color, but it is pretty on flowers.   What do you think?

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What do you think?

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