I am wondering why daily earning is alway pending and then the last 7 days seen to


I has asked many times in the little chat box to the bottom right hand said and all I get most of the time is no answer or  it will be soon…..

Last week 6 days in a row it was pending then I asked about it and

BAMMMMMMMMMMMMM……… it was there earnings for the day it was updated them ………


again it was back to pending after just a few hours and its been in pending ever since. I for one would love to seen what I have earned throughout the day for even just once a day. Please keep it update if anything just 1 time ever 24 hours would be amazing .


What do you think?

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  1. I have noticed the same thing. To me, it is a way to cut down on your earnings. So, instead of you being able to make the threshold every month they make it every three months.

  2. Consider their micromanagement policy- worst business model ever. All it does is defer revenue. Plus it isn’t going to scale if this place ever takes off. Just get out of your own way and focus on the real issues…

    • I got answer today about disappeared photos. They said it will be soon fixed and all photos will be added back. It’s amazing what the IT professionals they have to make a such mess with site. Why needed to “improve” if everything worked better that it works now. Site is losing visitors and writers.

  3. I have asked recently two times about things I was concerned about, and both times they answered me through my email, not right away the same day, but still I got answers. I am now more concerned why all pictures are disappearing in our older posts, not in all, but most of them are empty. I am getting outside viewers daily and it looks really weird if they get to see empty posts, especially galleries, all pictures disappeared there. About earnings, as you said, it drops… yes, and if it continues, many of writers will leave site. Even now we are getting less clicks already. It was great site when I joined, but with all these improvements it became a big mess and if it will not be corrected fast enough, it will kill the site.

    • I totally agree i have seen changes before in other sites and with in a few months time they closed there doors yes i have seen some of your older posts and it shows theres 10 pictures but when i open it there is only the main picture and no gallery. I love your galleries there is some very nice pictures i love seen them all . I dont get refering a visitor points i have asked 2 times about looking into my account about it and both ladies said they look into it asap and now its been over and month and still no word on it it sucks cuz i refer people and get nothing for it 🙁