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Now I Found An Apple Juice I Can Have

I have been told by my doctor to watch my sugar intake. I love the taste of apple juice, but all the ones I have ever looked at had a lot of sugar in it. Now, I found an apple juice that I can have, and it is one for kids, and it is organic. I thought to myself, if it is for kids it must have less sugar in it, and I was correct. They come in a carton with a straw attached to the side of it. it is called ‘Organic Razzberry Apple Splash.’ It is a juice drink from concentrate. 

It probably does not have the equal amounts of pure apple juice than the regular apple juice for adults, but it taste great just the same, and I still get my apple juice.

Have a carton-Cheers!


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Written by LaJenna


  1. I’m a diabetic.
    It does not matter if apple is organic or for children.
    The variety is Apples.
    Green Smit is a variety of sour apples that have little sugar and I use it.
    But the most important thing is to be moderate.
    It is my opinion.