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The Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle

The mystery of the Bermuda Triangle is probably one of the greatest mystery of the world. The Bermuda Triangle is located in an area in the Atlantic Ocean, near Florida in the United States, stretching between Florida, Bermuda and Puerto Rico. Very strange things happened there in the past. Many airplanes disappeared when they were flying through the area. Ships also disappeared or sank when they were sailing there. As far as we know, 75 planes and hundreds of ships met their demise in the Bermuda Triangle. That’s why it is also known as the Devil’s Triangle.

It is not known yet what is the cause for that. Maybe electromagnetic interference that causes compass problems, bad weather, the gulf stream, and large undersea fields of methane.

However, today,  many people say that the area has a special, magical force and that it is very dangerous. They are frightened of going into the area because they say something might happen to them.


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