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From One of My Students

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The words are hers.

“I was reading about your sunshine posts. I was so young when you came to our home to help me learn to speak and communicate. I remember biting your hands when I wanted you to stop talking to me. I was safe in my quiet world. 

I remember other people always telling me that I was so lucky you were there to help me. What I remember more than that is how many times you told me that you were the one that was lucky and blessed by learning from me.

Now I believe that we filled each other’s lives with sunshine. I am glad that your wrote about sunshine. I miss your Mom too. She was patient and loved me too.”

She is 100% and best teacher (that was really a student) I ever had. She taught me to listen with my heart.


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  1. There are 12 of my students from now 30 years ago, that I still keep in contact with.

    in fact, one of them 10 years ago asked me to record the old stories I used to tell my class (they were called Fred and Ed stories) so she could play them for her kids.

  2. Seems like you’ve really helped and touched someone…
    if you haven’t they won’t write something like that to/about you!
    I guess she was lucky and so are you!
    It seems good that both of you met and helped each other out 🙂

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