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A little drive around the island on sunday.. :)

Sunday off and couldn’t think of any better to do. Drove from Kamala Phuket to tritrang beach in Patong. We had our lunch and drink at this restaurant overlooking Tri trang beach, isn’t it wonderful? The road going gown there is a little stiff but it will be worth it. There’s a couple of small guest house and restaurant on the bach and the one you might love is the baby elephant at the beach which you can touch, play with and take picture with. The bad thing is, the guy with the elephant always have his sharp stick with him which is really’s an animal abuse but there’s so many of them out there doing it there for show and money and for a single person like me, I don’t know a way to stop them.

When I work at the hotel, I do not ever recommend to our guest or any tourist I come across with to do or go see any animal ride or show. It’s not like I don’t want to earn extra percentage on sale so instead, I would recommend island tour or sports activity which is way more fun and I could sleep at night knowing I contributed a bit to help those beautiful soul animal.. Live life and do no harm.. <3


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