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Top 10 most famous sights to see in Jamaica

An island in the Caribbean, Jamaica, which is known as a birthplace of most famous musician of reggae style Bob Marley. Upon arrival, you will feel how much the music is important there. It flies in the air all the time, you will hear not only regional music, but also mento, ska, rock-steady and other musical rhythms. Not for nothing, Jamaica is called the most famous country in the world.

Jamaica is a fertile Caribbean island where grew up the seeds of reggae, perfect resorts and unrivaled flavors of coffee. These highlights of the country are covered up by the calm rustle of palm trees, fog, spontaneous flooded rivers, wildlife, savage Blue Mountains and rhythm of unceasing music. Flights to Jamaica are the perfect choice for exploring breathtaking entertainment and an easy, relaxing stay.

Sunny and friendly Jamaica attracts more and more tourists from all over the world every year. This is understandable: the island boasts beautiful exotic nature, great beaches and hotels that suit the taste and financial capabilities of each traveler. Jamaica has a wide range of hotels, from cozy small hotels to finely equipped and luxurious villas.


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  1. You have portrayed this lovely land well! Upon arrival you are greeted with, “Welcome Home My Friend” and it really does feel like you have come home. You cannot explain it without being here. My favorite beach is 7 mile. My favorite fall is Dunn, my favorite coffee is Blue Mountain, it is truly a wonderful place to visit as well, along with Marley’s property up there on the mountain above Ocho Rios where the mountains touch the water, and white sandy beaches. I stayed a week in Och Rios from there took taxi’s and jitneys around the island ~ Mon. Great article here, and thanks for taking me back home!