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January 8th Accountability ~ Goal Choices for January 9th

Let’s do accountability first

Well, Bro changed his Doctor’s appointment so there went that one, but I laughed. 

Did ½ of his laundry and ½ of my husband’s. (does that count?)

Accomplished one relaxing thing (hid in a parking lot and read a book for 15 minutes.)

I stopped counting laughing at 200 times (that is the highest number on my yellow counter)

Completed my first recording session

I have kept up on how many comments and shares I needed to do based on your activity with me.- They will all be completed by noon tomorrow~ Because I assume there may be a few more before days end.

Now let’s jump into tomorrow. Unless he does something wonky again, there is the doctor appointment with Bro tomorrow. It’s an official one basket of ironing day (a must). I have to make a decision about polls and quizzes, because even if the system gets them right, people don’t actually read the directions and do them. So is it worth the work to do them?

~ The people who received comments and shares based on their interactions with me today were


History Gal

Carol DM



La Jenna

Witty Feeds

Doc Andersen


(I am still reading all the posts, just not commenting on those that have not commented on mine. I only upvote if I comment) I am still enjoying your posts. 

Just a reminder. I am doing quid pro quo – meaning If you comment on mine – I will comment on two of yours (for every one of mine) and share two of your posts on social media. I don’t make comments based on upvotes. I am trying to bring in outside views, be a good member and still not waste time. 

Disclaimer: Unless mentioned by name there is no real or inference, referring to anyone on this site, real or fictional.


What do you think?


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  1. Depending on the post I will comment perhaps on a photo saying it is lovely or if I have nothing particular to add to what has been written I might comment telling about my own experience in such a situation. If all else fails since I have read the post I feel I should say something I have written at times – this left me speechless

  2. Aren’t you in danger of making comments just for the sake of making comments? I will comment on a post if I think I have something to contribute, but that does mean that I would expect that person to comment on a post of mine unless they had something interesting to say.

    • Sure, but when you comment on everything you are in that same danger. I went and found posts to respond to, it is not necessarily the one I just read. I believe it’s important to be heard and I know that we need to bring more views and interaction or there is no site.

      • We also need a good mix of posts – factual, chatty, provoking, pictures, fun and games – there should be room for everything. What excites comment will clearly depend on individual preference, and different people like different things.

          • I suppose it it is natural for people to say that they would like to see more of the sort of post that they write themselves – so don’t be surprised if I say that more factual posts would be something I would like to see. I also think that such posts are more likely to earn cash for Virily, and therefore for its members.

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