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Quid Pro Quo Week!

Yup! I am really doing it this week. Starting Monday for a full seven days it’s quid pro quo week. It goes against my very nature and yet it’s time to perhaps give a little wake-up call. If we go down we all go down together. So it seems like creating a team of people who want to make things work, who are willing to do the work, should be working together.

To me, it seems like there are two things that truly matter at this critical time. Comments on posts and sharing to bring outside votes in. Those are the things we all need to be working on. Here is what I am doing this week.

If you share one of my posts on social media – I will share two of yours.

If you comment on one of my posts I will comment on two of yours.

Time is valuable. Working smarter rather than harder is wise. We are either a part of the problem or a part of the solution. We can reach out and make it work, and we will have to be more creative, work together and use respect.


What do you think?

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  1. I think this sounds a bit mechanical. I would love to see more comments on my posts, but I would always want them to be comments that actually said something, even if it is to disagree with what I had written or point out an error I had made.

  2. It is a very good strategy. Unfortunately I cannot share as I am not an active member of any social media sites. I only do some translation work and a bit of writing here and mylot… Any other suggestion for little old me? I always try to at least answer comments on my posts and to read some posts of the commenters but I do not really know what else I can contribute…

    • Well, I suppose you could create a Facebook Account to use. You are allowed to post 5 things a day. I would say begin by posting one item a day and see who will interact with your work. Respond to what they write on your post and then go read and comment on two of theirs. As your circle gets bigger you will have a greater audience.

      Responding to their comments on yours is helpful for you in way of virils, but not for them. So you would want to reward them by visiting and commenting on there work as well. (you would do both).

      Because you took the time to comment here. I am going to find some of your posts, comment on the and share them. It’s teamwork and everyone wins.

  3. That’s a nice work to do and I hope this is really going to make Virily better. I haven’t share any Virily posts at social media yet, as I am not active at any social media sites, perhaps I can try tweeting some.

    Thanks for bringing this up. Though I might not do this everyday, I’ll find some time to do this.


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