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Fire accident, Koale casualties

Robin Biznis November 11.2019 Belgrade, Serbia

How many natural disasters are happening at this time on our planet?Earthquakes devastate several countries, today the last one was in the south of France. Floods in India have killed 164 lives so far. Over 150,000 people have been displaced.And so on. Most of all, I’m sorry, of course, people.But a large fire in Australia, more specifically in New South Wales, also engulfed the nature reserve.

At now it is known that about 150 Koalas were killed there.Their numbers halved.some Koala survivors are offered medical assistance.Probably people couldn’t save them.It’s so sad. A person fights natural, natural disasters because he has to survive.Despite this, much more money is spent on arms development. And weapons are the greatest threat to humanity. How many small local wars are currently active?

Source photo: Image by Dirk Heuser from Pixabay


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  1. It is said that this fire was deliberately lit by bored teenagers. My cousins and a niece live 2 hours north of Sydney in New South Wales, they had smoke from this fire for days and were told to pack their bags ready to leave at notice in case. They are OK
    NZ send our firefighters to help them as well. The Australians do the same favour for disasters too.

    • That’s what we talked about here.
      People enter the armory more times than other essential things. Health, education, improving living conditions. And when disasters happen, then the budget is taken out of the budget to repair the damage.
      Other countries are also helping.

    • Read Pamela’s comment.
      Fire is caused by human negligence.
      But 99% are really natural disasters that cannot be predicted.
      For some, for example, floods can be defended by the construction of embankments and the like.
      There is no prevention in a volcanic eruption.

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