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A very wet, cold and windy day!

It’s not often I post photo’s of myself, but I thought I’d share this one of myself.  (I hope it didn’t break your monitor lol.)  This was taken on Thursday 14th Nov after I had finished work.  I start work early in the mornings, about 6:30am usually.  And this was taken about 8:30am after I had finished work.  As sods law usually work, it stayed mainly dry with little rain while I was in work.  But the minute I had to leave and walk home, it started to rain more heavily.  It was quite windy too, so had to hold my hood up.

As you can see, they have erected the Christmas tree behind me.  The official switching on of the lights isn’t until 20th November, but Christmas is coming!  The Christmas Fayre will be over that weekend too.  What’s the weather like where you are?  I do hope you are having better weather than I am!


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