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6 Runner biases when it comes to running shoes

No one can just deny the significance of the good shoes. Whether you have to walk to your office early in the morning or playing some sports, whether you have to hit the gym or want to dance in the rain, a good pair of shoes is something that can enhance the experience of enjoyment. Normally, some people just use one pair of shoes for each and every activity in their life, but that should not be the case. You have to make sure you have a separate pair of shoes for different occasions, like work shoes, walking shoes, workout shoes, running shoes, waterproof shoes etc. etc.

Talking about the running shoes, there are different things to consider but one thing that we all can agree is that they should be comfortable, something that your feet would love.  Good shoes are considered to be the one that keep your feet in a great and provide a good support to them. Just like Loom Smart Shoes. Loom offers lightweight running shoes that are waterproof, breathable, more supportive, and provide your feet with the comfort they need.

Per, Quora I asked 6 runners do they have any biases when it comes to running shoes, and these are the responses I got.

Don Atwell, UESCA Certified Triathlon Coach & Two-Time Ironman ~ “I started out running with just any pair of shoes I thought were comfortable when I tried them on in the store. I bought my shoes from any old sporting goods store, and almost never had a knowledgeable sales person help me with the purchase.

Then I got a coach to help me train for triathlons. He had me run on his treadmill for a bit so he could analyze my running form and do a couple of other tests. He looked at my shoes, which were Nike Somethings or other, and he said, “And eventually we will get you into a descent pair of shoes.” (No disrespect to Nike, but those shoes were not even close to what I needed!)

On my coach’s recommendation, I tried a pair of shoes by a company I had never heard of before I started running seriously; Hoka One One (pronounced Hoh-kuh O-Nay O-Nay.) On my very first run with them, I knew I found something special. They were comfortable, and had a lot of cushion, which was important for a guy my size. They had a wide toe box, which didn’t force my toes together.

Since then, I have purchased all of my running shoes from local, independently-owned running stores, which have knowledgeable sales associates. I’ve tried several different brands, but keep gravitating back to Hokas. I should be a paid Hoka spokesperson.”

Ryan P. Long, 30 years experience, former div-1 NCAA varsity etc. etc., former CC coach ~ “No one should ever, ever wear “stability shoes.” These shoes will damage your running form and prolong whatever problems you think you have. You don’t need stability shoes and you shouldn’t be wearing them. They are bad for you. This is well-documented in the running physiology literature. ”

Roni Kornitz, Ran more than 170 marathons and 140 halves. 6 star finisher. ~ “I run in Saucony shoes for 17 years, no plan of changing to other brand. How did I start using Saucony? Shop’s recommendation.”

John Hevener, I ran road races – my daughter ran for her college ~ “I have a bias toward what has worked for me in the past. For years I ran on Brooks Dyads. When I started running again recently, my specialty running store had me try Hoka Ones. They are working great and will probably be my bias for a while.”

Poppy Green, studies Wasting Time on Quora at A Middle School (2024) ~ “I will never wear sketchers running shoes. I’m sorry, but even if Meb Keflezighi endorses them and they’ve gotten less ugly, they are still an old lady brand. Both of my grandparents own them. Sorry, but no thanks.”

Christopher Johnson, Senior at A High School (2016-present) ~ “Because running shoes can cost upwards of $100 or so, I tend to prefer going with something proven rather than putting big money down on a shoe that’s not going to work good for me. In that regard, I definitely have major bias towards Asics and Brooks.”

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Written by Thomas Gouard

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    • So true too. I can never see myself purchasing expensive ass shoes, since discovering that I can get a decent pair at a Ross for a reasonable price that does the same as an expensive pair.

  1. That is very interesting information, I would have never thought so much goes into purchasing the right shoe for running, Then again I have never run for sport or competition.

    • Yes, indeed. I have shoes specifically for running, walking, and just plain old workouts in the gym. The comfort in them all are different and specific to what I feel they are for.

  2. It is clearly an important choice that must be made – but not by me! I would be lying if I said that my running days are over, on the grounds that they never started! Walking, however, is a different matter, and getting the right walking boots is certainly something that bothers me.