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Relationship: I Love You in Good Times!!!

Some people think that someone is difficult. Loving someone should be a beautiful experience and there are no boundaries within the relationship. An ideal relationship is being with someone in good or bad times. It shouldn’t be in either way of a relationship. In a married life, it is always insinuated in vows that both couples will remain together through thick and thin.

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“How can the relationship will work if someone will set boundaries?” In the worst case, some individuals will ask their partner to stop whining about personal issues or concerns. This kind of person will be happy only in good times and doesn’t want to deal with troubles in life. In bad times, this person will ignore his or her partner. That’s a bad sign that a lover will never be with someone for long. The relationship will end sooner or later.

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If a person stays in a relationship in good times, then it is not loving. They ignore or even feel insensitive to the welfare of their partners in life. It can never build a good foundation for having a longlasting relationship. Some married couple falls apart because of such insensitivity. A typical self-centered persona, a person who is so afraid of responsibility.

This kind of relationship happens in real life. It cannot be denied by some people who are being battered by their partners. They cannot break free because of emotional torture. At some point, they don’t have the courage to cut the relationship. It shouldn’t be ignored by some concern people. If it is possible to intervene, then they need to do it. That’s the best thing to do than letting this person be living in misery. Loving someone shouldn’t be in limitations. If they do this, then how can a person grow in the relationship. It is best to find ways to make it grow and be together in good or bad times.


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Written by Steven Gamboa


  1. It is true that such reality happens a lot. Indeed, though the values of loyalty and sincerity that supposed to apply in every form of relationship are well known, unfortunately, is hard to live.

    • Even if the world turned upside down, we still need to face the reality of having such relationship. It is painful to deal with, but we need to be strong.

  2. Very interesting and thought-provoking post. Relationships seem complex, especially nowadays when people always feel that they are missing out something.

    • It might be a provocative write-up, but it does happen in the real world. It can be a complicated type of relationship. But the people need to choose which it will not make their lives in misery. In the real-life setting, it doesn’t happen.

  3. Relationships are definitely give and take, mostly give. Sometimes they work,
    sometimes not. You have to be able to realize if it is time to walk away.
    Or if both of you can agree to work it out. It takes two.

  4. It was really a tough thing to handle in certain circumstances. There are times that a partner will claim to fall out of love. Despite the fact that the relationship had been in years.

  5. I agree with you but there’s a lot that goes into a relationship that SOME
    just can’t walk away from & just live & deal with everything that happens
    as I’m 1 that has 30 yrs of marriage under my belt that has stuck it out.