Can an Acquaintanceship be built even prior to an actual in-person meeting?

In many cases, the words “at first sight” are a bit of a misnomer. People claim to fall in love at first sight with people they actually already know casually. Perhaps you have seen the person a few times at a bar you frequent, or he is a friend of a friend. Even if you genuinely have never laid eyes on the person before, you are not likely to fall in love at the moment of the first viewing. It is more likely that you will use that term in retrospect after a successful first conversation.

In this case, you are not actually falling in love at first sight, but after a period, no matter how brief, of acquaintanceship. Common types of acquaintanceship with which people fall in love include, but are not limited to:

* Cognitive: their expressed thoughts and beliefs

* Tactile: their touch

* Kinesthetic: their movements

* Auditory: the sound of their voice

* Olfactory: the way they smell

These are the top-level attractors. You feel like you are falling in love, and your primitive brain reward systems — not logic — may be calling the shots.

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