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True love comes from the soul

Love grows outside the soil of the mind. Not out of needs or passion. 

True love comes from the soul. Any other connection, based on convenience or needs, is doomed to fail.

But even when it has failed, it very often lives buried in hearts, from time to time, people are trying to revive it by artificial means. But is it possible to resurrect something that was never alive?

And it’s a shame to admit it. It is much more comfortable to stay blind. Most remain such because there is no greater desire in this life than to be loved. But not always we understand this desire correctly. And we pursue it in ways that are not always effective.

Or we search for another love. We search and find. We are looking for someone who will make us feel happy and color our everyday life from light to dark. But finally, for him, the colors end. We go back to where we started. Back to the search for another miracle.

All we have to do is grow up. To grow to the realization and understanding that love is not a guest in the form of a man or a woman.

Love is an absolute being and goes with us, waiting for when we will start seeing not only with eyes. And when we finally let it just be, love knows well where to lead us. It knows its home.

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